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driving home | michelle & jake


Walking into her room felt different this time than the last time he was here. Granted, the last time he was here was near enough three years ago, and he thought he had been nervous back then, but the feeling seemed to have doubled in intensity since. He smiled as he looked around and moved further inside, noticing what had changed and what had stayed the same. As he listened to her talk, he shrugged out of his jacket and lay it on the bottom of her bed, staying on his feet. “They will probably just sleep whenever they get the chance to now. Raising a baby is like having a full time job… Not that it feels like work, but it is time consuming and difficult. Worth it, though, I’m sure.” He looked over his shoulder and smiled at her. “What’s it like being a sister? I always wanted a sibling, but being on my own with mom wasn’t bad at all. My uncle, however… I could probably think of a million other people I would rather live with.” A small laugh followed his comment, but it was a faked one. There was nothing funny about it — he hated living with his uncle. He hated his uncle, point blank. The man was a cruel and insensitive asshole, but Jacob would never say that out loud. His life was his life and he found no need to complain, he just found a way to put a brave face on and get on with it. 

At her offer, he shook his head and smiled. “No, I’m good. Thank you.” He turned away then and walked around, his heart momentarily stopping when he spotted a stack of letters sitting on her desk. His breaths deepened as he made his way over to it. For a second he convinced themselves that they weren’t his, but the closer her got the more assured he became that they were. Holding his breath, he picked one up and skimmed the words that he had once wrote to her. A silence fell, and he knew he had to break it before she got too suspicious. Clearing his throat, he turned to face her, holding one of the letters in his hand. “Uh, what… What are these?” Even though he had sent them, part of him always thought that maybe she didn’t read them considering she had no idea who had even sent them. And he didn’t want her to know at the time, because he was gone and he was sure that he would never come back, so having her knowing would have been more difficult for the both of them. By the looks of it, she had read almost, if not, every single one. And she had kept them, too. 

The girl moved further inside the room following behind him. She watched has he obviously looked around her room, making her a little bit nervous than before. The constant feeling she had around him continued to grow and she didn’t know what was becoming of her or why she was feeling this way. She felt a deeper connection with him than anyone else, and for the first time she felt nervous and a bubbly feeling when she was around him. “I know they’re tired and all that. They’re not used to having responsibilities and actually taking care of a child. God knows they left me all the time. Honestly I blame him, he’s the one who messed everything up.” she said, shrugging it off. “Its whatever, but I guess I’m happy? I never had a sibling and I’ve been pretty much alone my whole life, so I guess this is new? I’m happy…I’m now a sister which is cool and exciting.” she lied to him, trying her hardest to cover it up. She didn’t like that her mom had another distraction from her and her family. When her dad passed and her mom instantly remarried it was a sign that she was trying to replace him. This was only the next step to replace her and it only made her sadder and more alone.”

Michelle walked over, and placed herself at the edge of her bed, hoping he would join her, but when he didn’t, and her gaze shot to him standing at her desk, her heart stopped. “T-Those?” she said, trailing her eyes down to the letters in his hands. It had been months since she had read any of them, and seeing them made her feel all sorts of ways. “Someone…sent me them. I don’t know who it was, because they never signed it or anything. I’m assuming it was a guy, and he used to write to me like every week.” she was now beside him, grabbing a random letter off the desk, her eyes scanning the paper. “It sounds weird…you know, receiving letters from someone you don’t know. But, this was different. I figured he was shy, and maybe that’s why he didn’t want to sign? But, I never knew who it was. He really made me smile though…Some of the things in the letters…it was something I’ve never heard before, and it made me feel special, you know? There were times where I felt like shit, and worthless, and he would make me feel on top of the world….I just wanted to know who he was, because he seems like someone I would be with. I don’t know who he is, but he seems like….that person who I would want. He seems like the right person. Like a soul mate or something. I started feeling something for him…someone I didn’t even know…but that didn’t last long. He stopped writing to me. I guess he got bored of me, or I wasn’t good enough…I still keep them, because they’re like words of encouragement. I still think about it everyday. I just wish there was a way I could know..” she felt her mood drop tons, knowing this was something hard for her to talk about. The mystery guy behind the letters made her feel like nothing before, and all she ever wanted was to know who he was. “I’m sorry…I’m ranting about my love life, and about a mystery guy who might not even be real. This is probably some joke..or whatever.” she grabbed the letters out of his hand, and returned them to it’s stack, before placing a book on top, covering up the many memories she had of reading them, and the feelings that followed.

"The best feeling in the world is seeing a baby smile at you, and laugh. Gabrielle has been doing that all day, and we’ve been playing peek-a-boo for the past hour. I think I’m a pretty good babysitter."

I Luv Your Girl by The-Dream


"Kelly told y’all don’t bring em to the club

way she rock that got ya boy in love”


Go away. Please.


"Are you okay…?"


I have never hated grocery stores as much as I do right now. Some woman actually elbowed me to get to the ice cream. Fucking insane people.


"Hey, if it’s the last ice cream, I would go to death trying to get it, I don’t care if I have to get into a cat fight."